Distracted Driving vs. Drunk Driving: Which Is a Greater Risk of Causing Fatal Auto Accidents in Tennessee?

Most people have known for years that drunk drivers exact an enormous toll in the form of loss of life, permanent injuries and staggering financial costs in the form of medical expenses, rehabilitative and long-term nursing care as well as property damage. Many organizations and massive societal resources have been devoted to reducing the number of drunk drivers on the road and to reducing drunk driving fatality rates. However, a new epidemic may pose an even greater risk of causing serious Tennessee auto accidents. Distracted driving may soon usurp drunk driving as the leading cause of serious motor vehicle accidents. Car accidents caused by distracted drivers continues to become more prevalent as the number of handheld electronic devices continues to grow. Nahon, Saharovich & Trotz has been representing Tennessee car accident victims including those suffering serious injury or wrongful death at the hands of distracted drivers for over 20 years.

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration has identified distracted driving as one the most pressing safety issues facing drivers. Drivers can be distracted by a multitude of causes including:

• Talking on cell phones

• Reading newspapers or books in print or on E-reader devices

• Using laptop, net book or tablet computers

• Adjusting iPods or other MP3 or multi-media devices

• Texting on cell phones or other mobile devices

• Playing handheld games

• Using GPS devices

While these are just a few examples common driver distractions, it is clear that advances in electronic technology have resulted in a corresponding increase in driver distractions. While many people are aware that driver distraction creates a substantial risk of causing serious Tennessee auto accidents, few people are aware that scientific research has quantified the seriousness of the danger. A study comparing the accident risks associated with distracted driving and drunk driving produced surprising results. The study evaluated the differences in reaction time when drunk drivers apply the brakes to that of distracted drivers and found the following:

• Braking Time with No Distractions or Alcohol: 0.54 seconds

• Reaction Time of Drivers Whose Blood Alcohol Level Exceeds Legal Limit: 4 additional feet

• Braking Distance of Drivers Reading a Text Message: 36 additional feet

• Braking Time When Sending a Text: 70 additional feet

Surprising scientific research results like these can help traffic safety experts develop new policies that improve Tennessee roadway safety and is important in helping Tennessee judges and juries understand the seriousness of distracted driving behaviors.

Many people feel instinctive outrage when they are faced with fatal Tennessee car accidents caused by drunk drivers and commonly award punitive damages. Punitive damages are designed to punish particularly egregious behavior and provide a deterrent to such behavior in the future. Punitive damages may exceed all other types of damages combined. This same sense of outrage is not necessarily instinctive when a judge or jury must decide whether to award punitive damages for a Tennessee car accident caused by a distracted driver, which means that experienced Tennessee distracted driving attorneys must provide evidence like this to help juries understand that distracted driving practices are at least equally deadly and preventable.

We routinely use state of the art litigation tools, cutting edge-edge scientific research, accident reconstruction expert testimony and other sophisticated litigation tools to present the most compelling case to a judge or jury. NST Law has been representing individuals and families seriously injured or killed in Tennessee distracted driving accidents for over 20 years. Nahon, Saharovich & Trotz, PLC is the largest plaintiff’s law firm in Tennessee that helps injured people recover compensation due to someone else’s negligence. Nahon, Saharovich & Trotz has offices in Memphis, Jackson and Knoxville, Tennessee; Jackson, Mississippi; and Jonesboro, Arkansas. Our experienced team is comprised of 26 lawyers and a staff of over 100 that have the experience and resources necessary to help you obtain compensation for your Tennessee car accident. Call NST Law today for your free consultation with a Tennessee auto accident lawyer at 1-800-LAW-4004 (1-800-529-4004) or visit us on the web at www.nstlaw.com.

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